I’m still flipping surprised that this guy is Corey Worthington. I mean, god, look at how much he’s changed 0_0

I’m still flipping surprised that this guy is Corey Worthington. I mean, god, look at how much he’s changed 0_0

One of my not-so-close friends told me that she hates Australia.

I asked her “Why?” Since she’s wanting to work in the acting industry, she say that “there’s nobody famous in Australia.”

Nobody famous.


That’s right.

Just goes to show that…

We’re really…

Not that famous.

Amirite, guys?

File:Dame Edna at the royal wedding cropped.jpg


in Australia

is famous.

That is all.

Y’know, there are “those” commercials.

By “those” commercials, I mean those adverts where they associate the public to take part in it. I’m just mentioning it because, hey, there are just those commercials where you wished it wasn’t orchestrated or fake, because it had a really great concept and whatnot.

Take this commercial for example. This is an Australian advert, so of course, I’ve seen this popping up on my screen on some occassions. As you can see, this was on promoting Coke Zero, so what they did, they made a small stunt that would be aimed at the public; people who ordered Coke had Coke Zero inside.

You know, I thought that this commercial had a really, really great concept. I mean, look, he tricked the audience by hiding a cup of Coke Zero in a cup of Coca Cola (holy crap, I just made a tongue twister!), making a sort of Placebo Effect. And then, y’know, he surprised the audience - in front of screen. And he was like “Hur hur, trololol, you’re not drinking Coke - U MAD BRO?” I mean, that’s like trolling - FOR THE SAKE OF COMMERCIALISM!

Of course, reluctant to assume, it’s assumed that this was fake acting. Because, I mean, think realistically - there’s a difference in taste between Coke and Coke Zero. And yes, it’s easy to notice the taste; Coke’s got that nice kick, whilst Coke Zero’s missing it. Plus, think of this - you think everyone in the audience would all buy Coke? Doubtful. Everyone’s got their preference, so really, not everyone would actually buy coke.

But still…I know this sounds stupid, but I’d actually think that this would be a great commercial. It’s just one of those adverts where you wished it was true, y’know?

Weirdest thought of an Australian version of…

Since Australia has a lot of shows that originated from other countries (ie - The Biggest Loser, The Voice, The X Factor, MasterChef, etc.) I had this weird thought of an Australian version of An Idiot Abroad.

Now, I’m not good at choosing people with TV shows if you know me well, haha, but I’ve got this feeling that Hamish and Andy would be taking over Ricky and Steve’s roles. Somewhat. I dunno about Karl though :/ Hey, I’m Australian, yet I don’t have a large knowledge in famous Australians. I dunno, what do you think?

The Black Balloon

It’s not often that I watch Australian films, but I was watching this movie last night. And believe me, I was crying really hard over this scene :(

I really don’t know why it’s titled “Best Fight Scene Ever” on YouTube when I found it, but the first time I saw it when I watched the film, oh god, it was bloody depressing. Just seeing this scene is really, really distressing. Really. I mean, I like this movie a lot because it heavily reflects on these real-life situations and, hey, this is of course a really powerful scene out of the whole movie (even though I only started watching it halfway through the movie itself :/).

But yeah, I really don’t know why the uploader finds this funny at all :/

Haha :)

Haha :)