Green Album is the BEST.

Dang I miss listening to it.

The Fray totally nailed Mahna Mahna.


Jim’s sketch of Mahna Mahna.


Jim’s sketch of Mahna Mahna.

Muppet Whatnot Workshop

Someone should really buy me a Whatnot for my birthday. Seriously.

Anyway, this is the Muppet Whatnot Workshop, where you make your own Muppet Whatnot, of course! Basically, you just choose the design of your Whatnot, and these people make it for you. Of course, since these are authentic Whatnots, they’re pretty pricy, at $100. But it worth it anyway. The actual workshop is located somewhere in New York, but apparently you can order it online…thankfully! :D

You know what.

You can really imagine it if Noel Fielding wrote for The Muppets. Or maybe at least be in the Muppets. Or The Mighty Boosh meets The Muppets.

That would be ca-RAAAAAZ-y!

Haha :)

Haha :)

Well…this is unfitting.

Colouring my Big Sister while listening to the Muppets soundtrack, haha.

"Life’s A Happy Song" from The Muppets [Finale]

Personally, I like the finale better, haha |D

I just noticed this but…

Did anyone notice that Wanda Sykes was never in The Muppets? Technically she was but I think she got cut off :/ Anyway, she was only seen in the Hangover parody trailer, and that was it.

Okaaay. Cosplay dilemma from SupaNova. Aaagain.

First, I wanted to be Floyd Pepper from The Muppets. THEN I wanted to be GLaDOS, after playing Portal.

Now…I want to be a Houdini Splicer from Bioshock.


Besides, I’d assume that it would be easily to do…I think, haha.

At times, I feel thankful for being a Muppet fan in Australia.

Because you get a freaking sunscreen commercial that’s based on a song from The Muppets.

…Mahna mahna. (doo doo. doo doo doo.)